As a licensed contractor you have responsibilities under the legislation to make sure that all your advertising/marketing/site signage complies with the legislation. You need to make sure you are completely transparent about who is the principal contractor and the licensed entity that is entitled to carry out the building work.

What is compliant marketing and advertising for builder and trade licensing?

As a licensed contractor you have responsibilities under the legislation to make sure all your advertising is compliant.
You do not want to expose yourself to possible breaches or fines because you have not displayed your licence number, even though you are licensed. Similarly, you do not want to display your personal licence if you are contracting through a Company or Partnership.

There are a few tips you need to take on board to make sure that you have everything covered:
• Include your name or your company’s name
• Include your licence number


An advertisement includes:
• websites and social media pages/paid advertising (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc)
• newspaper ads, brochures and flyers
• ads on the side of vehicles and business cards
• radio and television advertising
• on hold advertising (when waiting to speak to someone on the phone)
• posters, Yellow Pages other advertising mediums or materials
• In television advertising the licence details should be clearly visible if spoken word. 


The principal contractor is responsible for making sure the sign complies with the law. Building site signs need to include the following information to be compliant:
• The principal contractor’s licence name and the licence number
The site sign must:

• be made of weatherproof materials
• be bigger than half a square metre
• have 50mm high print or larger
• be clearly visible from the street
Authorities regularly investigate complaints are site signs or ads which don’t meet the legislation.
Don’t delay! Review your business materials, documents, and advertising now.
Call us now for any more information.

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